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  • Can I book a cabin or campsite over the phone?
    We prefer if you book via online, but feel free to give us a call at 250.287.9421
  • Can I book a cabin or campsite for tonight?
    No. We require one days notice to accept bookings. You cannot book and check in on the same day. This is to make sure house keeping and reception are not over worked and have enough notice to complete any and all tasks at hand.
  • What is your Cancellation Policy?
    Notice of intent to cancel must be received 30 days or more prior to your check in date, to receive a full refund, less $40 administration fee. 50% refund for cancellations within 30 days prior to your check in date. No refund for no shows or early departures.
  • Is there a minimum night stay?
    Yes. We require a minimum 2 night stay, unless otherwise specified.
  • What are your nightly rates?
    Our nightly rates vary depending on off/peak season. We also offer discount rates throughout the month as less bookings become available. Check out our cabins and monthly rates by clicking here.
  • Is there a minimum deposit?
    Yes. We require a 50% credit card deposit, less taxes, to secure your booking. Balance for your booking will be charged to the credit card we have on file, day of check out.
  • Is there a damage deposit or cleaning fee?
    No. A damage deposit is not required for bookings. If damage does occur, please notify reception imediatley to remedy the situation. No. We do not charge a cleaning fee on top of your nightly rate. There is however an excessive cleaning fee of $50 for each violation, including but not limited to; Moved furniture, excessive pet waste, excessive ciggarette or marijuana butts, etc. If damages (pet or otherwise), happen without mention to reception, house keeping will let us know, and you will be notified via email to remedy the situation. Damaged items will be invoiced at current face value, via email.
  • How do I check in?
    Check in is anytime between 3pm and 6 pm if you need assistance finding your cabin. Check in is anytime after 3pm and 8pm if you are a repeat customer or know where you are going. Your cabin will be unlocked, and the key will be located inside. Any extra's you have selected during check out will be waiting at your cabin for arrival.
  • How do I check out?
    Check out is 11am. We do not offer late checkouts. Leave your cabin unlocked, and the key where you found it.
  • How do I pay my balance owing?
    After check out, houskeeping will go over the cabin. If everything is in good order, your card on file will be automatically charged the remainder of your balance. If damages, breakages, missing items or excessive cleaning needs are discovered, without prior communication, you will be invoiced via email of any and all issues, with 14 days to resolve, as well as automatically be charged for any outstanding booking balances.
  • Do you offer nightly tent sites?
    No. We are working on providing a few tent sites around the property in the near future.
  • Do you offer nightly RV sites?
    No. Our RV site is for seasonal bookings only. April 1 - October 31. We DO NOT offer RV sites from Nov 1 - March 31.
  • Is there a quiet time on the property?
    Yes. 10pm - 9am Sunday - Thursday. 12am - 9am Friday and Saturday Night. Excessive infractions will be subject to an additional fee of $50.
  • Can I have friends or family come visit during my stay.
    Yes, you may have guests visit you at your site. Visiting hours are 9am - 11pm daily. If your cabin cannot accomadate the extra parking, your guests must park up top infront of the main building. Please be aware of resort quiet times. If you are caught sneaking guests into your site overnight, you will be subject to a $250 liability fee. Please let us know if extra guests plan on staying.
  • Does Robert's Lake Resort offer free wifi?
    Yes, Robert's Lake Resort offers free wifi located at the main building. Unfortunately, there is no wifi available at the cabins.
  • Are there any hot tubs?
  • Is there Cell Phone Service?
    No. Due to our location nestled within the mountains and trees, cell reception is unavailable. There is wifi located at the main building. If you have calling over wifi set up on your device, you will be able to make and receive calls and texts using the wifi signal.
  • Do the cabins have BBQ's?
    Yes. Each Cabin is supplied with a BBQ and propane. If you run out of propane or have issues with the BBQ, please contact reception at the main building.
  • Is smoking allowed?
    Yes. Cannabis & Tobacco use is permitted outside only. Please keep all smoking away from children and other guests at all times. Absolutley no smoking inside. If caught smoking inside, you will be subject to an additional $100 cleaning fee. If we have to clean up excessive ciggarette butts or roaches from around your site, you will be subject to an aditional $50 cleaning fee. Please use the provided ash trays.
  • Do the cabins have telephones?
    No. The cabins do not have telephones. Reception has a telephone for emergency use only.
  • Where should I place used towels?
    Used towels can be placed in the shower or tub.
  • Where does recycling and garbage go?
    Garbage can be left bagged near the front door. Cardboard and other recycling can be left neatly in a separate pile. All beverage recycling can be bagged. Please dump and or rinse first.
  • Can I park my RV or place a tent at my cabin site?
    Yes, to an extent. Each cabin has its own set of accomadations regarding tents and RV's. To find out more information, click here and read more about each cabin.
  • Do cabins have laundry, or is there laundry service on site?"
    No. Cabins do not have laundry facilities. There is laundry on site available for guests that have booked longer than 7 days. Extra fees apply, and will be added to your owing balance.
  • Do I need to bring my own bedding?
    No! We provide all required bedding, pillows, and towels. You are welcome to bring your favourite blanket or pillow if you choose!
  • Are out door fires allowed?
    Yes. Unless fire bans are in effect. You will be notified as such. Firewood is not provided for outdoor fires. Extra bundles are available for purchase at $10/bundle. Feel free to bring your own wood, or pick up dead branches from around yor site. Please use fire pits provided at your site, and have a bucket of water readily available. ***Please note cabins with an indoor woodstove are provided with wood for each night of your stay, for indoor use only***.
  • Do you provide cooking utensils?
    Yes. We provide all basic cookware. If you have found your cabin is missing something, or you require a special item for a meal, please let reception know. We have a restaurant on site, and may have what you are looking for.
  • What should I do with bedding?
    If you know how to properly strip a bed, you may leave the bedding piled at the foot of each bed. This is not a requirement.
  • Can I move the furniture around?
    No. Please do not move beds, couches, lounge chairs or love seats. House keeping does not have a moving company on site. This ensures no damages are caused, and that house keeping has enough time in between bookings. If furniture is moved, expect to pay a $50 fee to accomadate house keepings time.
  • Are pets allowed? Is there a limit?
    Yes. We allow pets. There is a limit of 2 large dogs, or 3 small dogs. Please contact us if you have questions regarding your pets or the limit.
  • Is there a pet cleaning fee?
    Yes. We charge $25, per pet, per night. This is to help cover the extra costs house keeping does after a pet has stayed in the cabin. If we have to clean up excessive fecal matter from around your site, expect an additional $50 excessive cleaning fee.
  • Do you provide any pet specific ammentities?
    Yes. We have blankets, towels, and dishes available on request.
  • Are there any specific rules regarding pets on the property?
    Yes. All dogs must be leashed and kept under control at all times. If you would like a dog gate for the deck at your cabin, please let reception know. (First come first serve basis). Pets must not be left unattended or barking for hours on end. If dogs are caught unleashed, unsupervised, there is an additional $50 fee. If caught chasing any of the resident cats, your pet must leave. You may choose to stay or not, with no refunds.
  • Where is the closest Vet Clinic?
    Enter your answer here
  • Can I use fireworks?
    No. Fireworks are NOT permitted for use on the property by guests.
  • Is swimming allowed? Are there leeches in the lake?
    Yes, you can swim! No, there aren't any leeches! During the summer months, the water is a great temperature.
  • Are boats allowed?
    Yes, we welcome you to bring your boats when you book! Please note extra charges may apply.
  • Do you have a boat launch?
    There is a boat launch one minute down a gravel road that comes off the property.
  • Is fishing allowed?
    Yes. Barbless & Baitless. Please have all required licenses.
  • Is there a restaurant on site?
    Yes. We have a seasonal cafe and bakery for take out only. Click here for hours and updates.
  • Is there a speed limit?
    Yes. 5kms per hour. Absolutley NO SPEEDING will be tolerated. We will remind you once. If speeding a second time, your booking becomes invalid effective imediatley, with no refunds. This is to ensure the safety of guests and pets on site.
  • Do you offer additional extras? Boat, Bike, Paddle Board Rental Etc?"
    No. At this time we do not have additional rental options at this point. If this is something you would like to see offered, please let us know via email.
  • I saw a Cat, what should I do?"
    There are five cats that live on the property. They live outside for the warmer months of the year. You will probably see them from time to time, but they usually stray away from strangers. Please note that this is their home first and you are to respect the cats at all times. It is highly against the resort rules to feed, chase, or pick up any of the cats. You may however pet them, if they let you. Children and dogs are not to chase or act aggressive towards the cats in any manner. If caught doing so, you will be asked to leave immediatley with no refunds.
  • How far from downtown Campbell River are you?
    We are 32 kms away from downtown Campbell River. The drive takes roughly 25 minutes, with a speed limit of 80 - 90 kmph. The road is windy at times, and frequented with wildlife and logging trucks. Take your time.
  • Where is the closest liqour and cannabis store?
    Best Buy Liqour Store - BC Liqour Store - Plenty Of Time Cannabis Shop - BC Cannabis Shop -
  • Where is the closest gas station?
    Gas N Go -
  • What nearby sites are there to see and explore?
    Robert's Lake Resort Beach - On Site Roberts Lake Picnic Area - 2 Minutes (1km) Cedar Lake Recreation Site - 3 Minutes (2kms) Mt. Menzies Access - 5 Minutes (7kms) Campbell River Look Out Trail - 7 Minutes (10kms) Ripple Rock Trail - 10 Minutes (14kms) Pye Mountain - 12 Minutes (7kms) McCreight Lake - 15 Minutes (15kms) Stella Lake - 25 Minutes (18kms) Mt Kusam - 28 Minutes (38kms) Sayward - 33 Minutes (44kms)
  • Reservation Policy
    Check in is between 3pm and 6pm. Your cabin or site will be unlocked, and the key will be inside, if applicable. We are pet friendly, and require a $25 fee per pet, per reservation. Not Per Night. Dogs must be kept on a leash and under control at all times. Your dog may not be the only dog at the resort, and this ensures the safety of everyone. If caught disregarding this rule, you will be subject to a $50 fee. There are cats that live on the property. Please be aware of this. Do not pick them up, move them, or chase them. If your dog is seen chasing cats unleashed, you will be asked to leave imediatley, and will receive no refund. There is absolutley no exceptions to this rule. There is no Wi-Fi or Cell Phone services. There is a payphone on site, and a phone in the Reception for EMERGENCIES only. All towels, bedding, propane and cooking utensils are provided. Please let us know if anything runs out during your stay. Please let us know of any special requests you may have, and we will do our best.
  • Cancellation Policy
    Full Refund, less a $40 administrative fee, for 30 days or more of notice. Cancellation must be done via email. 50% Refund for less than 30 days notice. Cancellation must be done via email. No Refunds for no shows, bad weather, or early departues. *Discounts will be applied to your balance during winter months for severe weather and power outages if they occur*.
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